Online Speech Therapy (Telehealth)

Speech Pathology Online Services

In 2021, our speech pathologists launched speech therapy sessions via an online platform. We believe that every person has the right to communication and the online therapy sessions will allow us to deliver continuity of these sessions to our clients from the comfort of your home. We are always eager to learn more about the children we see and understand how they may interact within their home environment. Using the Telehealth online platform will allow us the unique
opportunity to observe children within their home, and find new and exciting ways to keep therapy relevant and interesting at home.

What does an online therapy session look like?

A Telehealth online speech therapy session runs very similarly to an in clinic, face to face therapy session. Your Therapist will introduce the session, discuss home practise, set a goal for the session, and conduct the therapy session as per usual. Instructions and explanations are provided both visually and verbally via the online application and will be based on the child’s responses in the session and their individual strengths and goals. We ask that you are available at the beginning and end of your child’s session and if possible, during the session, to ensure we are able to discuss ideas, strategies, and implementation of homework offline.

You may decide to change the structure of your sessions when moving to the Telehealth online platform. We are here to support the best way we can for you and your child, and each session will be individualised, and tailored to suit your child’s goals and needs. For example, your speech pathologist may provide you with a homework pack to take home, with scheduled weekly meetings to touch base about progress, develop strategies and to problem solve. We will be well equipped in providing assistance to you in implementing homework outside of our online sessions.

Do we have to use telehealth?

The decision to use Telehealth is entirely up to you. Your Speech Pathologist will be able to recommend whether they believe your child would be suited to receiving therapy via online services. You are welcome to stop using the online services at any time. Please discuss with your Speech Pathologist if you have any questions so we can best approach your concerns and support for your child’s individualised needs and goals.

What app do I need to use?

Nash Speech Pathology will be using a programme called ‘Zoom’ to launch our online therapy sessions. Zoom is an online platform and a leader in modern video communications. It is reliable and easy to use for video and audio speech therapy. The Zoom application will allow your Speech Pathologist to share resources with your child via screen sharing and video modelling. Zoom is a secure platform, ensuring privacy when engaging with your Speech Therapist. We will continue to uphold confidentiality standards with moving to online therapy sessions. For confidentiality reasons, we ask that you do not screen record the therapy session. If you wish to record a section of the session, please request permission from your Speech Pathologist first.

Do I need to do anything to prepare?

You are not required to create an account, but will need to download the software prior to your first therapy session. You will need a laptop, tablet or phone with a camera and microphone. Your speech pathologist may ask to trial Zoom with you prior to your session. This will allow for problem solving if there are any technical difficulties (e.g. connection, microphone, video). We understand that there may be technical issues that arise during your child’s session and we will do everything we can to ensure your child can access therapy without any disruptions. You are welcome to call our admin staff on 0420 345 531 if you need assistance setting up or using Zoom.

Your speech pathologist may ask you to think of some toys, games, or activities that your child enjoys that may be appropriate to use during the session. Our speech pathologists will continue to bring individualised activities and resources to each session, and are very good at improvising if needed. Please limit distractions where possible in the home environment, or find a quiet space in your home for us to deliver the online speech therapy session to your child. However, we do not expect you to have an entirely quiet, distraction free zone!

If you have any questions about online services, please speak with your speech pathologist or one of our friendly admin team members on 0420 345 531.