Group Programs

During the April, July and September term breaks, we run a school holiday program. This program is designed and implemented by our team of experienced Speech Pathologists to support your child’s literacy and social skills. We target the following skills over 4 days (3-hours per day):

  1. Literacy: Using principles from Spalding, Sounds-Write & Multi-Lit programs, we work on early reading and writing skills, tailored to your child’s level of ability.
  2. Phonological Awareness: This is the knowledge that words are made up of sounds and can be manipulated (e.g. s-n-a-ke makes “snake”). We focus on identifying syllables, sounds and letters in words. These skills lay the important foundations for learning to read and spell.
  3. Social Skills: Using principles from Hanen, Social Thinking and Secret Agent Society programs, we focus on turn taking, sharing, waiting, recognising and managing feelings, dealing with conflict, problem solving and working together in small and larger group activities.

In the January term break, our group also focuses on school readiness skills. These skills assist children in the transition from preschool to school, or in the transition to a higher year group (e.g. kindergarten to year 1). During our school readiness group, we focus on the above skills, as well as the additional skill of Independence. Your child will be encouraged to sit at a table to complete structured activities, follow instructions, colour, cut and glue. During morning tea break, they will be encouraged to open their own lunch box and food packaging AND ask for help if they need it.

Our group programs are highly successful and book out very quickly!

For more information about our school holiday groups, please contact us on 0420 345 531 or via email: